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John Adams – HBO Miniseries Review and the lessons it holds for us

March 18, 2011


After Adam and I went to Washington DC and Williamsburg last fall, my mom and dad heard only a couple of our rapturous stories of momentous history before telling us that we HAD to watch John Adams (HBO Miniseries). Since I love history and HBO and America, I figured that we would love this series […]

Charlie Sheen was fired. Should we care so much?

March 9, 2011


I’m now blogging over at Liberty Ink Journal… and I took on the Tiger Blood: Charlie Sheen, with his self-destructive behavior and his repetitive delusional media interviews, is exploding across the news, as a self-destructive three-ring circus in one Hollywood star’s body. Just today, he was officially fired by CBS and Warner Brothers, and once […]

Book Review: Broke, by Glenn Beck

February 23, 2011


Glenn Beck is revered by some, hated by many, watched by nearly everybody. I’ve always liked him, because his rants were Jon Stewart-esque in the beginning – funny enough to keep you watching, insightful enough to make you think. In recent days, he’s gone a little World-Saving crazy, and can be a bit rich even […]

HBO Documentary Reviews: Kennedy and Reagan

February 18, 2011


In the last couple of days, I watched two HBO documentaries: “Kennedy: A President to Remember” and “Reagan”. HBO Documentaries are not known for their right-leaning views, but it’s interesting that the tone of nostalgia (not as much spoken as shown) that opened the Kennedy film seemed wistful, begging premium-cable-subscribing, Bill-Maher-watching America to remember a […]

Han Solo, Dads, Sarah Palin and Cheap Shots

January 12, 2011


“Bring it on! I’d prefer an open fight to all this sneakin’ around!” – Han Solo Han Solo is easily one of the greatest movie characters ever created, in one of the most timeless stories ever relegated to film. We love him because he is relatable – few of us have the integral sense of […]

Book Review: “Turning Controversy into Church Ministry”

January 11, 2011


Reviewing W.P. Campbell’s book, “Turning Controversy into Church Ministry; A Christlike Response to Homosexuality” should be easy. I’ll just write a bunch of tried and true sayings like “love the sinner, hate the sin”, “speak the truth in love”, and “put Christ back in Christian”. There ya have it. I can dust off my hands […]

“It’s Time to Get a Gun” – The 2nd Amendment, gun owners, and Bubba the heartless baby seal killer

December 2, 2010


So, last weekend, my family went to Gun Camp. No, I’m serious. Being from the country, I wasn’t all that surprised when my dad gave us handguns as soon as we tied the knot, but a four-day defensive handgun training?! To be honest, I thought it was a bit much. I’d been shooting soda cans […]