Musings on State-Run Morality

April 15, 2011


I got in a discussion on Facebook this week (for those of you who are groaning, I know. These almost never end well) that has had me musing for several days now. Said thoughts continue to take off on wild tangents without ever landing on one conclusion, which I suppose is only fair, but not […]

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Operation “Ambiguous Dawn” in Libya – War or Humanitarian Effort?

March 25, 2011


Ever since President Obama announced that we’re going to Libya in a UN-sanctioned, multi-lateral “humanitarian effort” (weirdly titled Odyssey Dawn)- conservatives and liberals alike have been scratching their heads over what the response should be. The liberal knee-jerk reaction is anti-war and pro-Middle-Eastern dictator, but since their favorite president is ordering this and Europe is […]

John Adams – HBO Miniseries Review and the lessons it holds for us

March 18, 2011


After Adam and I went to Washington DC and Williamsburg last fall, my mom and dad heard only a couple of our rapturous stories of momentous history before telling us that we HAD to watch John Adams (HBO Miniseries). Since I love history and HBO and America, I figured that we would love this series […]

Charlie Sheen was fired. Should we care so much?

March 9, 2011


I’m now blogging over at Liberty Ink Journal… and I took on the Tiger Blood: Charlie Sheen, with his self-destructive behavior and his repetitive delusional media interviews, is exploding across the news, as a self-destructive three-ring circus in one Hollywood star’s body. Just today, he was officially fired by CBS and Warner Brothers, and once […]

Book Review: Broke, by Glenn Beck

February 23, 2011


Glenn Beck is revered by some, hated by many, watched by nearly everybody. I’ve always liked him, because his rants were Jon Stewart-esque in the beginning – funny enough to keep you watching, insightful enough to make you think. In recent days, he’s gone a little World-Saving crazy, and can be a bit rich even […]

HBO Documentary Reviews: Kennedy and Reagan

February 18, 2011


In the last couple of days, I watched two HBO documentaries: “Kennedy: A President to Remember” and “Reagan”. HBO Documentaries are not known for their right-leaning views, but it’s interesting that the tone of nostalgia (not as much spoken as shown) that opened the Kennedy film seemed wistful, begging premium-cable-subscribing, Bill-Maher-watching America to remember a […]